Monday, November 13, 2006

A cranky Monday

I stuffed up something rather badly today, so I'm in an amazingly bad mood. I managed to spend 45 minutes working on 1 strip of my dad's Christmas quilt. And I had already done it, but not crossed that line off on the schematic. You want annoyed? Come on over.

On the knitting front I have been somewhat distracted since last Thursday. I went into Clegs and found the most squishy soft beautiful yarn from New Zealand called "Me", and it is so me! It's a scrummy deep purple that is almost edible, and it's 80% wool and 20% cashmere and very soft and yummy and scrummy and - oh wait, I already said that. Sorry.

Most importantly it's almost all gone. 1 ball equals one set of cabled fingerless gloves (yes, Chantal, this is why I planned to yell at you). On Cup Day I saw the "Fetching" fingerless gloves in progress and in hot pink, I might add. Despite this colour I was not put off and have now finished the set, sewing in the ends not included.

I did plan to work on my tank top, but I had to finish these gloves. Really. And I couldn't knit it at the movies on Saturday night because I need to keep untwisting the yarn and wrapping a hair tie around it (I recommend "Children of Men", by the way. Excellent movie. If you don't cry, you're heartless.).

So tomorrow morning, another early wake up - not as hard as I thought they would be - and back to work on my tank top.

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