Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A slacker than slack Tuesday

Ah, Melbourne Cup day... An excuse for locals to slack off and do naught but drink. Or sleep in. Some do both. I myself slept so long I missed the race. Ooops.

A weekend of voracious knitting has in fact just passed - true joy, verily. I spent Saturday doing new and exciting tasks that I've never tried before; washing dishes, mopping floors, vacuuming. Hey, did you know you can clean a bath tub? Weird, huh?

I managed to leave my started knitting at work on Friday. Luckily, I have another set of 5.5mm circulars so on Staurday afternoon, post cleaning, I began the front. Why waste a weekend alone when you can knit and watch "Bleak House"? All 7.5 hours of it... I cried at the wedding. Again. It reminded me that I need to rewatch "North and South" and "Vanity Fair" and buy "Wives and Daughters". I also cried at Charlie finding the 5th ticket while flicking channels on Saturday night. That's when I realised I needed to go out.

Hrm... Saturday night? Alone? Fairly poor? Borders!!! God bless the Jam Factory Borders store. They don't mind you spending four hours reading a book that you'll never purchase. In this case "Handknit Holidays" by Melanie Falick. Oh, drool. I've already planned to use my edible purple Colinette to make the twist scarf. This woman is a genius, a veritable goddess of knitting (until Divine J writes her book. Then look out Mel...). Anyone who describes this book as "nice knitting" must be killed immediately. There's a St Lucia wreath for mercy's sake! I sat in Borders whimpering for half an hour (mainly at the $59.95 price tag and lack of money on me) and I swear it shall be mine...

As a result of two days hard labour at my knitting I am pleased to announce some results. My cotton tank top (front) is currently measuring 21cm (just over 8 inches) which means I'm well over halfway to knitting 13 inches as the pattern requests (hey Americans! The rest of the world is metric. Your military is metric. Catch up!"). Unfortunately, spare time between now and Saturday? Practically non-existant. I'm going to try my old "get up early and knit" routine I used to do last summer when N. was away. It worked rather well, so hopefully I can do it again. Problem is that it requires a good sleep the night before and I'm not even tired right now. Ah well, one can only try.

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Joanne said...

Oh, we have more in common than I thought! I just watched "North and South" and watching "Wives and Daughters" a while back encouraged me to read Elizabeth Gaskell's books. Those are some good books--and the mini-series are awesome too.

Thanks for your response to my comment. I do this googling thing to find out if my articles are being reprinted without permission, etc. and sometimes I find such fabulous blog entries...I can't help myself, I have to comment! This weekend, my husband is going out of town and I'm looking forward to some quality time on the couch, knitting and listening to my ipod or watching mini-series with my dogs!