Friday, September 21, 2007


I'm exhausted. Work isn't that tiring - unless you count the untold stress of just sitting, waiting for a call. It's quite nerve wracking at times. Next week will be pretty horrible due to 4pm-12pm shifts which put me all out of whack, and make me somewhat crazy(er).

No, no, no. The reason I'm exhausted is because Felix still has his cold. It's driving him crazy, poor thing, and I feel terrible about yelling at him for it, but I do. I have to. He's snoring. On his side. I'm averaging about 2 hours uninterrupted sleep a night. I look bloody awful - puffy, blue circled eyes - and I feel dreadful - my bones ache from lack of sleep.

Luckily, I have distractions when I can't sleep. It's called "knitting". How did any of us survive without it, I ask you?

Work continues on the Drunken Argyle. It's long, slow and really little needles. The Divine J would no doubt say I need the discipline (she said that about knitting a F&F scarf in 4ply on 3.75mm needles), and she's probably right.

However, my Kitri lace cuffs on 2.75mm needles say I'm plenty disciplined. It takes about half an hour to follow one repeat and it's very fiddly. As in really fiddly. I love it, but performing a cast off around three beads is very hard! I'm planning to take it to work with me tonight to finish one sock off entirely. That way I don't feel so unmotivated. (Sorry about the pic - that's the camera strap hanging down!)

Behold - my Red Riding Hood. I love it, but I still haven't worn it. I crocheted the edges as the slip 1 on the purl rows looked mutant and I think it looks a whole lot better now. Might wear it to work tonight.

I found a fantastic hot water bottle cover pattern. It was pointed out to me by a previous co-worker, Lisa, that my not having a hand knitted cover was just "odd". This week, I decided she was right. But no fair isles or elaborate patterns for moi. Just plain, simple, easy.

Famous last words. It helps when measuring your gauge swatch to measure the swatch properly. For example: if you measure and count 9 stitches to the 10cm, make sure you have counted over 10cm, not 5cm.

I'll be re-starting this at a later date.

I'm struggling on with more socks for Felix. These are my usual toe-ups but with two strands of Patonyle as I thought it would knit up faster. No. No it doesn't. Nuff said.

This? This is nothing. It's not a new project with yarn that was on sale for $2.50 a ball. Really.

Nothing to see here.

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Jase said...

OK, call me a bad man but I thought the red riding hood was a woollen G....yeah, bad man.