Monday, September 10, 2007

Warning - stash envy may follow...

I love my new Bad Hair Hider. It's a bit too big, but it covers up my ears and hides my lack of hair. So I love it.

I used this to knit it - "Sean Sheep - Armytage", a brand created solely for Big W. And I ran out. I had four rows and cast off and I ran out (and it turned out too big. I know, I know.)

The 100% pure wool was on sale for $2. $2! I knew it wouldn't be a big problem getting more, except that this was the only ball of this colour at my local Big W. So Felix and I jumped in the car and drove to a Big W store (not telling you which one. You'll see why...).

It was off the shelves and in a biiiiiiig crate on the middle of the aisle with the sign "$1.00" above it. I started whimpering. The knitting gods loved me again.

This is the culmination of a lot of begging. I had $4 on me, and I didn't have any more money because I'd bought my car two days earlier (yay!). Felix told me I could have 15 balls, and when I had ten in my basket and another 14 on the table I turned to him and said that I couldn't decide anymore. I'd already thrown back 8 balls that I really didn't need (did I just say that?), and to chose between the blue/green and the white/grey was just too hard.

He let me buy 24 balls. I love him.

So here's what they're all for:

1. Thrummed mittens for Felix for the move to Canada.
2. Thrummed mittens for me for the move to Canada.
3. The remainder of the ball from my Caliometry - might make a smaller one.
4. No idea, but I have 5 in the same dyelot. Something for Felix for Canada, maybe.
5. The cabled gloves from the 25th Anniversary Vogue Knitting and maybe a beanie for me. (This row of yarns are actually all the same colouring - white to grey. Some are just wound inside out)
6. The headscarf from "Holiday Knits" (once someone buys it for me).
7. It's pretty. Nuff said.
8. See above. And it was the last ball.
9. No idea - probably fingerless gloves of some kind.

Felix rocks and I can collapse happy now.

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Lynne said...

Oh boy! You lucky devil! The only half way decent wool here is in the yarn shops - most of the hobby shops have ackrylic, aCKrylic and ackRYLic. Sigh. I used to be such a bargain shopper back ome.
What is this move to Canada?
The shawl came out wonderfully!