Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Public Holiday? Tell the cats that!

Yesterday was exhausting. Melbourne Cup Day is always a good excuse to drink champagne and waste money betting on horses that never win (Rogan Josh was a rarity - and so was the money), but my day off wasn't.

I got up and headed off to the cattery by 8am, spent the morning cleaning up after 49 of them, and then watched two of my favourites leave (ahhhh, Nuggie!). Felix came and met me at work (hastily getting changed from cat infested clothes on my part) and then we were off to my niece Ashleigh's 13th birthday party. Imagine my internal laughter when I realised she was wearing pretty much the same clothes I was at my 13th - but waaaayyyyyy more black, bless her. It's so scary when they're almost a grown-up, and it was pretty obvious yesterday. Loved the silver eyeliner, though.

I got to hang out with everyone until 2pm, then I had to head back to work for the 3pm opening. I wish I'd stayed at the party: 18 cats out the door in three hours. 18!!! For the uninitiated, that means getting them out of their cages, putting them in the box, taking them out the front, charging their owners credit card, fixing up the card, putting that away, emptying the cage of litter tray, water and food bowls, taking any bedding out to be washed and then disinfecting the cage.

When there are 5 groups of people waiting to pick up their cat after the first one, it's really not that easy. Also, I have a very bad bruise on my left shoulder and my skull where an evil Abyssinian pushed a cat traveling box (half metal) on to me from the top of the cage.

Stop laughing, it bloody hurt.

Knitting wise, life is great! I've been working on two very similar presents, and I'll have them both finished tonight - yay for me! Then for the next project which is for my brother-in-law Jase (hey Jase!), which will earn me the title of "favourite sister-in-law called Andrea", I swear it! (That's quite serious; he has two.)

Anyway, this is how Christmas looks:

Total number of presents: 64
Presents to make: 45
Presents to buy: 19
Presents to wrap: 64
Presents all done: 0

It's a tad scary, yes? So here's a slightly better breakdown:

Presents to make: 40
Presents to buy: 14
Presents ready to be wrapped: 9

See, better already!

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