Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stupid mortality...

Well, tomorrow I get older. Well, a day older than today, anyway. No biggie.

The better news is that I've finished another pair of Rainy Day socks, this pair for my darling Nan. I can safely show this present on the blog, as Nan is 91 and isn't too au fait with ye olde worlde of the interweb. I chose "Pond" as the colourway (Jo Sharp Alpaca Silk Georgette yet again) to match a very pretty top she wears.

My Nan is beyond wonderful sometimes. I picked her up on Saturday to come along to my family birthday party and she handed me a card with $50 in it. These wondrous gains have already been spent on yarn - take a look at this! The "Moss" is all mine for my own Juno Regina! Thanks Nan!

The Taylors (my older sister Fiona's family) generously donated another $30 to the "Andrea needs more yarn fund", but I think I'll put it towards a knitting book. Haven't decided between a Rowan mag or Elizabeth Zimmerman. Hard choice... My sister Bronwyn and her mob gave me a "Midsomer Murders" I hadn't seen (wonders will never cease to amaze) - a making of documentary. Poor Felix has realised that he's lost me to the tv yet again...

Mind you, the ABC has finally relented and decided to show "Jane Eyre". About time! I've been waiting since January to watch this! As JE is my favourite book, I was apprehensive, but my fears were groundless. It is a beautiful production, and I was so happy with it. Felix was just surprised that he enjoyed watching it!

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