Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finished Objects 2008 - #35 and #36

Due to work commitments I've been far too busy to do anything. This is what happens when you volunteer to decorate the hostel. And make a gingerbread house.

And a winter village. And hand sew 12 felt stockings.


However, I did find time to finish my Nosferatu shawl.

This was a fabulously easy knit - just knit the plain/eyelet base until you think it's wide enough, then knit the lace pattern.

Not too much lace, but just enough to make it interesting. I think this still counts as a lace piece for the Long Lacy Summer - what do you think, Bells?

I completely stuffed up pinning out the fish tail. It's very full, and ripples, so I think I'll claim it as a design feature, rather than a flaw.

This will be my reading in bed/slobbing on the couch (in style)/wandering the moors looking for my lost love shawl. It has that kind of vibe.

Another delay to my posting and knitting was the hostel's Secret Santa lists. I picked the first name and got the uber-awesome Jade, who is a knitting convert. Couldn't have been easier.

A yarn zombie keyring, two packets of red string licorice to make 302 Calories and these.

Clafoutis Bedsocks. If they were any easier it'd be illegal. I made them in ten hours. TEN HOURS. Be warned - these are my new present staple...


Bells said...

oh yeah, it counts. Well and truly. Good work. You are the lace shawl demon!

Love the house, love the socks. All good stuff!

ps I want a shawl for wandering the moors, too.

Sande Francis said...

I'm just starting Nosferatu and cannot yet envision the transition between chart 1 and chart 2. Would you be so good as to explain it a bit more? Thanks!!