Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What a difference a year makes

Last New Year's Eve in Melbourne the temperature didn't drop below 30 degrees until after midnight. Tonight, Felix and I are off to celebrate Hogmaney in Edinburgh with the expected temperature of -4. Felix is looking forward to any excuse that allows him to wear his Ni beanie.

I've been working on my nana's birthday shawl since Saturday night and I plan to get up to the border rows today, which is pretty great considering I added a repeat.

I'm pretty happy with the progress I've been making.

Looking back, this has been a fantastic year for my knitting. I've been very prolific, 40 finished items (yes I know it said #39, but I helped Jade knit a scarf so I'm counting that as well) although a lot of them were beanies. For Felix.

I plan to challenge myself further next year. Thanks to Bells and her Long Lacy Summer, I've become a lace addict. The fun of watching something that looks like uncooked 2 minute noodles become art as soon as you drop it in water and block it? Indescribable.

That's why I've already planned next year's first knit.

Insanity, thy name is "Andrea".

Have a great New Year's Eve, and I'll catch you all next year.


Donna (Random Knits) said...

I shall drool at your lace. I would consider joining you, but I have just started Fair Isle, and I can't do both at once!
Happy New Year! (15 minutes to go here :)

Bells said...

You are not insane. You are addicted to something to wonderful. Big difference!