Sunday, December 14, 2008

Insomniac knitting

So, it's 3:33am and I'm wide awake and sitting in the hostel dining room. I've spent an hour wathing the last episode of "The History of Scotland", and I'm still annoyed that they ended on James I. Boooo! I want Reformation, and the total collapse of the Scottish kingdom - blame Panama. Oh, and England. Technically. (See? Insomnia = waffling.)

Insomnia means I can knit while I watch tv on my laptop. My Nosferatu is blocking, so instead I've dedicated myself to finishing up my entrelac socks, resisting all urges to swatch for the One Skein Wonder using Noro Silk Garden. Why, yes, it did hurt to decide that - how did you know?

However, it looks like I'll actually have these socks finished up by Monday night (current rate continuing). My apologies for the awful picture - my camera is up in our room, and I decided to test out my webcam.

Still nice socks, though.

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