Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stash smash

Obviously I didn't really spend fours days doing nothing but eating chocolate and knitting. I'd be further along than row 32 if that were true.

On Thursday night I sallied forth in pre-Easter traffic to Chantal's house where I started organising my stash. ALL OF IT. Five boxes worth.

Remember how long I've been knitting, so I have a pretty good excuse for so much yarn. I had two boxes of future projects with the yarn and pattern in bags, plus three boxes of actual loose yarns. But now?

Now I have one box of future projects and.....four boxes of stash? Okay, that went well. It is still to be further sorted out. All leftovers from my projects will be put into plastic pockets and sealed up with a note for what project they were for. I get rather paranoid about holes in knitting and mending stuff, so I will always keep leftover balls for repairs.

That might get it down to three boxes. I can't promise miracles, mind you.

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