Saturday, January 10, 2015

Motoring along

What's this? Barely the first week of the year and two Finished Objects? ~ clears throat, prepares acceptance speech for Knitta of the Year ~

Not likely.

I finished my Danish Flag coaster for my History of Magic class. The theme was Vikings! I didn't know what to make, so this seemed a reasonable compromise. The mitred squares were easy, but I hate the edges. Maybe if they were all going in the same direction, as they do in the blankets. At least I've tried them now.

I also whipped up a granny square for Quidditch (yes, really Quidditch). Round One is make something for charity and this is heading of to a group blanket. I'm not technically participating in my Harry Potter group this term (January-March) so I'm in the Students on Sabbatical group, and managed to wheedle my way into becoming the Quidditch Beater, which means I need to come up with cheers and encouragement for other members.

Me? Enthusiastic about knitting/crochet?


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