Monday, January 19, 2015

Not knitting, sewing

It's hard to write about knitting when none of it grabs you. Currently I'm sewing up a blanket for a customer, crocheting an edging on to Marcus' blanket and sewing up a jumper for another client.

Too much to start a new project, too much to pick up another old project, but I needed something.

Time to bring out the sewing machine.

I made a little bucket to hold Dot's myriad of fairy dresses (her current favourite was a Christmas gift from her cousin Rohan. Took me almost a day to take it off her) and trying to contain some control has been near impossible.

I used this amazing tutorial and some fabric from Ikea (I love Ikea!) and all up it took two hours, but that was in sporadic bursts.

I did have rope handles, but the rope is far too narrow to make big enough knots to not go through the grommets. Back to Bunnings tomorrow!

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