Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Planned creativity

Mid November last year I had a bit of a panic attack. The festive season was rapidly approaching, Marcus was starting school at the end of January, Dot's applications needed to be in (along with the $30,000 a year for the program!) and I had previously announced that Christmas was at our place.

Panic! Chaos! Lots of crying! Cue Chantal.

Chantal dropped everything, drove straight over and organised the next two months of my life perfectly. It all went off without a hitch and I swore that panic wouldn't happen again.

This year's plan involves me working on something to do with Christmas on the 25th of each month, that way having it all sorted by the time it needs to be ready. "Everything done by December 1" is the phrase, I think.

So on Sunday I finished up yet another banner (I can hear my family groaning), sewed up an old advent calendar, and crocheted a bauble.

The pattern is from Meet Me At Mike's, and it was super fast, less than an hour. I'm feeling pretty good about this plan, to be honest. This could work.

I now return to my regular knitting/ sewing up schedule. So. Many. Ends.

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