Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Guest Post

Andrea's not feeling too good, so she asked me to write a post for her.

Unfortunately for her, I know next to nothing about knitting.


Andrea knits a lot, doesn't she?  She's pretty good at it, too.  Won awards for it and everything.  It's odd, but every time I tell her how good her knitting looks, she tells me that it's easy, and that she could teach me one day, if I wanted.  Then I take one look at some of the things she's done, and then I give her the Look.  You know, the look that most of you have most likely cultivated to use on a friend or partner (or a child), to convey a polite but firm, "Really?  Are you kidding me?"

Like this christening shawl that she's knitting at the moment.  As I started this post, she was talking about how fascinating it was, how you knit the front, and then go back and knit the lace that becomes the top and the edge.  She's been talking about it on and off for most of the last few days, lamenting on how the increasing is going to take ages, and thanks to eight-and-a-bit years of husbandly osmosis, I understand about 70% of what she's talking about - not enough to have a clear picture in my head, but enough to carry a conversation without sounding like a complete goose.  I think Andrea's developed the same skill in relation to my enthusiastic retelling of the computer games that I play.

And then she shows me the product-in-progress.

And then she wonders why I give her the Look.

- Felix

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Sonia said...

I hope Andrea feels better very soon. Nice post Felix :)