Wednesday, June 03, 2015


I had a Finishing Touch drop off on Friday and one yesterday as well, so my weekend was somewhat taken up with buttonholes and sleeves and adorable widdle baby cardigans. The challenge was stripes.

Matching stripes is a mild fixation of mine. It can be incredibly frustrating when it goes wrong and deliriously wonderful when it goes right.

The Monday drop off had textured stripes to match at the side and sleeve seams, and somewhat on the sleeve caps - you can't match them but you can get pretty close. I was very happy with this cardigan, and so was the customer.

The Friday drop off was a garter stripe jumper. So many stripes to match. SO MANY.

I absolutely nailed it. I am giddily happy with these stripes. Deliriously wonderful doesn't cover this one. The customer was very happy with this jumper and I was beaming.

This wasn't a smug satisfaction piece, more of a golden glow. I am well chuffed.

(Man, I really need a new ironing board cover.)

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