Monday, January 05, 2009

New year, new knits!

Thus begins a new year of knitting, and I hope you all had a lovely safe New Year celebration, wherever you are. Mine was cold. Very very cold.

I had to wait until the 2nd to start my first project for the year, my Garden Shawl. It is beautiful and very very scary. 180 rows isn't too much, unless you're increasing every row, each row has some form of patterning, and you can never ever stop counting rows (two different row counts at all times).

I was feeling rather confident after the set up rows, but now the enthusiasm is flagging, the adrenalin is wearing down and the long slog is before me. I like the long slog because it affords you those lovely moments, the ones where you suddenly remember how much you love the patten, or the yarn becomes even softer, or you get the rhythm just right and suddenly you're flying through the rows.

I'm so looking forward to that bit.

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Bells said...

oh! Sounds like you're in for a long but ultimately very satisfying journey!