Thursday, June 13, 2013

Future plans

It's raining, it's pouring, right now Marcus is snoring. Hopefully Dot will sleep soon, but as she's currently reading this over my shoulder and trying to steal my mandarin at the same time I highly doubt it.

I've managed zip, nada, zilch on my planned projects. My brick is still in hiding from Marcus (sorry SapphireBlue, I'll have a brick doorstop for you soon!) and I still have a side to sew up in my Radiant jumper. A brief conversation today with Chantal made me realise that there will one day be a knitting life beyond my current WIP's and this cheered me up no end.

So, what plans ahead?

Dot needs some cardigans, and I have a red aran one in mind, followed by a gorgeous blue/white stripe with cherries intarsia, based on "Cherry Pie" from "Little Rowan". The original pattern only goes up to 24 months and the yarn is a 4ply. I have a little girl who's almost 24 months and takes a size 3, plus my yarn is a 6ply bamboo/wool. Lots of adapting to do there. After that I have an adorable bobble cardigan for summer. I love cardies!

Which is why I'll be knitting myself a gorgeous Louisa Harding cardigan called "Sabrina". I have seven balls of red and six balls of wool/cashmere blend, which is enough to make this scrummy piece for myself. I've also got acres of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed for "Renaissance" from "A Yorkshire Fable", a book I own solely because I swear I know the male model. Last up, I'm making myself some alpaca bedsocks. I keep making them for my parents, so why not myself? I have two balls of Eki Riva in two shades of purple to use for that project.

I have 16 balls of Zara waiting to be turned into a jumper for Felix. I just don't know what to knit! 8ply cables? It's just not right! No reasonable suggestion requested! I also have a ball of green/orange striped 4ply sock yarn. I may be forced to make socks.

I also may have promised my da a cable jumper for making my very unsuccessful square foot garden for me on Cup Day. I'm silly like that.

Mmmmmm, future knits. So much more satisfying than the ones I'm already doing!

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