Tuesday, June 04, 2013

I can work around this

Ah, peace and quiet! Well, children asleep and that's pretty much the same thing, really. I still had a smug glow on after yesterday's work so I got straight back to work on Marcus' green jumper.

I have fourteen rows of garter stitch to go, but there's 130 stitches in each row. That's quite a long row, and it'll require a lot of yarn. I'm using Jo Sharp Aran Tweed that was originally a jumper of mine I made in 2004. It was a bit short so I frogged it and stored the yarn away.

I'm sure I don't have enough yarn for this but if I'm lucky I have some spare in the bungalow. I don't understand how I had enough for a jumper for me but not enough for a four year old's jumper, so there must be some floating around.

On the bright side the longer I spend on this the less time I have to re-sew up my Radiant.

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