Friday, August 25, 2006

An ak-tacular Thursday

Knitting? Knitting...hrm, lt's see... Isn't that what I'm meant to be doing? Oh yes, it is! Silly Andrea...

A day wasted on minutae. Filling in at ak for about four hours, with Divine J, Linda and Jodi all providing the best part of said four hours. Arriving home with plans to knit only to discover my boyfriend had dropped round after uni for a few hours. Knitting? Not a chance, I crave hugs.

I took my knitting to the V.E. (other other job) to work on, but it's Thursday. Many, many orders and the need to erase some internet viewing files. All 6000 odd of them. Ooops.

Therefore the only knitting accomplished today was the sewing in of the argyle ends. That's it. That's all she wrote, folks. There's always tomorrow, and I know that I am definately going to have Petria's dolls finished by Saturday night to take round to give her. I have plans.

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