Thursday, August 24, 2006

An ordinary Wednesday

My knitting was not a joy to me today. I sat, watched four episodes if Firefly and attempted to finish the dolls for Petria. And after 4 hours had I finished? Of course not - I'm up to the sewing up stage which always takes twice as long as you estimate.

I think the Turkish pants for the Julia doll are a bit silly, but in a cool way. The reason for the heigh discrepency? Petria's 5 foot high and Julia is closer to 6. See? It all makes sense now.

As for my remaining task - the argyle jumper - I still haven't finished sewing the ends in (please see previous statement re sewing). I started, but being easily distracted, failed to finish. However I did manage to knit along the back up to the armholes, so all is not lost. I plan to finish that off at ak tomorrow morning while I'm working.

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