Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A very moody Tuesday

Late to bed, early to rise, makes a knitter... cranky, dark circled and so desperate to find coffee she will buy it at McDonalds - bleurgh. I shudder to think exactly what they are filtering it through.

I had an early doctor's appointment which depressed me no end (don't they always?) but the drive afforded me a lot of time to knit away at my bedsock. You put the car into neutral at red lights with the hand brake on and knit away. I do not advocate knitting while the vehicle is in motion, steering with one's knees. Do not ask me how I know this - do as I say, not as I do.

The end result? One neatly finished pair of bedsocks for my mum. The viewers with sharper eyes will note that the rib at the top of the socks is not the same length, due to me knitting these socks 6 months or so apart. SSS, I'm afraid, plus a myriad of other reasons.I also ran out of yarn just as I started to graft the toes together - I had to use a different yarn. However this is my very first pair of socks and I'm stupidly proud of them. Really. Even though I want to re-knit the first one (will you just look at that heel? - awful!).

The rest of my day included lunch with my wonderful boyfriend and attempting to sew up these rock dolls for Petria. It's harder than I thought it woud be. There is a need for a strong wire frame inside the pieces, and I wrapped padding around it. My sewing machine needle does not like wire and snapped, flying into my face - no injuries other than to my intelligence.

I still need to finish knitting half the darn things and I may have already told Petria and Julia I'd finished them. Sins will out. Such as avarice:

Rowan have created a Kidsilk ballgown.
It will be mine, oh yes! It will be mine...

In the meantime, I managed to knit about 10 rows of the back of my argyle vest during knitting group tonight. No, I still haven't sewn the ends in yet . Tomorrow, sometime.

I have a plan for tomorrow - banking and cleaning in the morning, knitting in the afternoon. I may even clean the stash cupboard. Maybe. If someone will lend me a canary.

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