Monday, August 21, 2006

Any given Monday

It's almost unbelievable, but I actually accomplished what I set out to do today.

I sat down and knitted my design for a doll's argyle jumper for my da's Father's Day present. I'm actually stunned. The front of the design is entirely finished. Now I just need to work on the back, which being plain red should knit up nice and fast, add grey ribbing for the neck and armholes and I'm done. The sheer extravagance of knitting 1.5ply Belisa cashmere for a doll's jumper still has not sunk in, but I'll think about it afterwards.

The other thing I really need to do is sew in all the ends. I'd been sewing them in as I went but the minute I got to the division, it became a case of "meh". I sewed away all the ends on the left front after I finished that side, and have only to stitch in the right side now. I learnt my lesson of sewing in ends after the Nicky Epstein bag incident that shall remain as a permanent record of how not to wait until the entire project is finished until you sew the ends in. Nice pattern though. As you can see, I'm not brilliant at sewing ends away neatly and surreptitiously - but if they don't show through the front, I'll be happy. This is my first ever argyle project and it is being knitted on 2.5mm needles, so I will be kinder to myself.

I managed to watch the end of "Emma" and knit away merrily at my mum's bedsock. This is how much bedsock you can knit whilst watching most of "Emma" and two episodes of "Wesley: The Vampire Anthology". I'll hopefully finish it off tomorrow (doctor's appointment first thing followed by another day of slack knitting).

Tomorrow's knitting? My mum's bedsock, most likely to the remainder of the "Wesley" dvd, but even more importantly - I must must MUST finish the rock god dolls my darling Petria needs for her music video. No dolls, no We've Got Ovaries releases. The wire stuffing is probably going to kill me.

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