Thursday, July 05, 2007

I need 28 hours in a day

It's perfectly logical. If there were 28 hours in a day, I could easily set aside another four hours for knitting. That way I might one day catch up to everything I want to knit, especially when I finally get some money and my hands on a new magazine. Curse you Yarn magazine! I need some sleep occasionally!

Luckily travelling round Melbourne doing various chores for two days means tram knitting galore, with much whispering and little kids asking "But what's she doing Mum?". As a result, behold - the finished back of my hot water bottle cover! (Try and top this for a Father's Day present, my darling sisters...) I've cast on for the other side, so I should be able to finish it up by mid next week.

To enhance the smugness factor by at least 10, behold - a jumper for my nephew's doll. Apparently Max needs a jumper, so I used up some more of my mum's old stash, and I'm planning to cross-stitch a big 'M' on the front before I sew it up. There's also a scarf in the making to accessorise... I needed something to knit while watching my "Press Gang" dvd's, because I stuffed up the fair isle too much when I tried to do both. I'm now halfway through series 3, and just watched the two seige episodes (by far the best two in the whole series). By the way, does anyone actually know what happened to Lynda?

Anyway, 'tis time for bed, and I need some rest - tomorrow is "Meet your in-laws" day, and to make my life just perfect I just got an email from a mentally demented ex-acquaitance. So now meeting the in-laws is far preferable to staying around here.

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