Monday, July 02, 2007

Speed - not just a movie...

I have managed to amaze myself - something I never thought possible. For years I have said that I'm not a fast knitter, merely persistent. Yesterday I cast on a tea cosy. Today at 1:17pm I wrapped a teapot in it.

I joined a blog group called Stashalong, and yesterday I posted my July knitting plans for making a dent into my overwhelming stash. First off was the teacosy from Jo Sharp's "Eclectic" for my mum. It was so fast and so easy, I was amazed. This is definitely the easiest present ever - one day. Done.

Next up on my list is a hot water bottle cover for my Da for Father's Day, and I need to top last year's present - never an easy task. I finished the bottom shaping and now all I need to do is knit that pattern for 25cms. *sigh* That'll be FUN!

Lest you all think I have fallen into my usual trap of neglecting current projects when something new and shiny comes along - behold! Progress on my cabled bag! So I'm not so slack after all, am I?

(My massive overconfidence will end soon. Trust me on this.)

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sue said...

I just love Jo Sharp patterns, and I especially love that tea cozy. Maybe I could knit one for my mum or myself to keep our teapots warm. I love your hot water bottle cover too, very nice. I hope that your sadness over not having a job doesnt stay too long, and that you find some suitable work soon. I know how you feel.