Friday, January 16, 2009

An aim, not a resolution - Part 2

Just a few points to clear up.

  1. Felix will not be buying yarn on my behalf, not even with unsubtle hints or outright begging. He is buying the yarn for a Doctor Who scarf for me to knit up, but believe me that's definitely not through my begging for it. Who'd beg to knit up 14 feet of scarf?!?
  2. All yarn related emails will be deleted from my inbox - sorry, but temptation is far too great sometimes, and I really don't want to risk it.
  3. No yarn expeditions, no matter what. Just walking in to the places causes my purse to come out and next thing I know I have yarn and less money, all because EFTPos is too easy.
Hope that clears it up. Now to go away and put on my hair shirt.

Currently I'm knitting a scarf. A long scarf. A scarf with 398 stitches. This is not my scarf, it is the work of Jade, my knitting conspirator. It's her third project and it's a (belated) Christmas present for one of her friends. So now it's late and I also want my Clover 4.5mm circular back (it's Clover for pity's sake!).

It's not exactly my kind of colour range either. Imagine if Rainbow Brite was run over by a massive ball of acrylic...

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Bells said...

You sound so determined!!!