Monday, January 12, 2009

Finished Objects 2009 - #2

I like my new beret - for 'tis slouchy.

(Felix is working tonight, so I'm afraid the only pictures I have of the beret in use are very MySpace-y)

The third repeat that I added on made the difference. The beret is deep enough to be loose, but the brim is perfect for my gianormous skull. Feel free to add any jokes you deem appropriate.

In other knitting news I am but a toe shaping away from finishing sock #1 in my "Incoming!!!" socks. Fine yarn, small needles, 64 stitches per row. There was some bribery involved to make me knit these so swiftly.

Zenses Rainforest and Jewel Masters, both on the DS. 5 minutes knitting, 1 brief game. 5 minutes knitting, 1 brief game. Seemed to work, actually. Odd.


Bells said...

And a very fine beret it is too! Gorgeous.

Neurangel said...

Oh wow!! your hair has grown so much!! The beret looks great :)