Thursday, January 15, 2009

An aim, not a resolution

Due to a massive party last night, today's post is a day late. I would like to apologise, and also to speak on those rumours about myself, Jade and Yutika and the Twister mat: no comment.

Today was a yarny sort of a day with a trip to buy the loveliest burgandy sock yarn for my da, to be knitted up in the Yarn Harlot's Earl Grey pattern. For solid colour sock yarn lovers, visit here. Fabulous range of straight, non-pooling yarn - perfect! I wended my way back to show my prize to Felix who promptly asked "Don't you have enough sock yarn?"

After my initial shock and response of "Are you INSANE?!?!?!?" I calmed down and thought about it a bit. I don't own that much sock yarn, actually. I have another 4 balls of Patonyle, some leftovers from my Entrelac Socks, some Wired for Fibre Rita and one rare ball of Opal Ladybird. Compared to some, that's quite minor. I also have yarn that could be used as sock yarn, various DK's etc, but still not that much.

Rose Red is having her own personal Sock of the Month Club, and I thought it was a fabulous idea - take 12 sock yarns, put them in brown paper bags and pull one out each month to make a pair of socks. I was planning my own version, where my mum will send me some sock yarn each month from my stash, having already had a head start with my Incoming!!! socks - I brought the ball of Tofutsies with me.Link

Felix's comment gave me pause for thought. I own an awfully large amount of yarn, almost all of it in plastic bags with the pattern I have planned for it inclosed. So, I've had an idea I'd like to suggest. This is a New Year aim not a resolution - no guilt for breaking it.

I, Andrea of Let Me Knit, hereby swear to try and live a year without buying more yarn.

I swear that when I feel the need to start a new project I shall send for a plastic stash bag and knit whatever is chosen for me. I declare that any purchases by others for me do not count and are therefore not only welcomed, but highly encouraged. I promise that I shall have a full 48 hours of amnesty for the Bendigo Wool and Sheep Show, but not to go over the top with shopping frenzy.

So it is written, so it shall be done. Well, hopefully!


Neurangel said...

What about the craft fair? Does that count or is this a strictly yarn restriction? and woohoo!! Bendigo show!!

Bells said...

he he. Good luck! I tried it once - very half heartedly. Now I'm trying again - we shall see.

dogquilter said...

It really stinks to be good. I haven't bought yarn since before Sept. I did buy some quilt fabric at Christmas but only because it was a limited line that comes out at Christmastime only. :) hopefully you will have used up all your stuff and be back to buying in no time. :)