Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's time to relax

We've as a long weekend here in Melbourne, and every day was full to the brim. Saturday was the wedding of the year, with Joex and Cameron gettin' hitched in a beautiful ceremony that their smallest flowergirl took no part in, as she is a crazy little poppet.

Dot decided to sit out the entire thing, except when she spotted the table with the paper and pens and wanted to draw a picture. As it was the signing table and the paper was the wedding certificate Dot was moved along quick smart. But it really was a lovely day!

Sunday was my family reunion and I decided to leave the rest of the family at home while I went off to Maryborough in country Victoria. About 100 relatives makes it a lovely day, and - most importantly - my side of the family won the cricket match, by four runs. I wasn't playing, mind. Sunlight and sport? Yuck! The best part is the 4 hour drive that I could knit the whole way through, finishing up the main part of my Egeblad doily.

Yesterday was the public holiday and Dot and I went off to visit my sister Fiona, who has a terrible sinus infection, which comes from a dry socket when she had her tooth pulled. I've had two cesareans and a sinus infection, and believe me: the sinus infection hurt a LOT more. By the time we got home I needed a nap. Which lasted a few hours. Which was odd. I got up feeling rubbish; chills, headache, sore ears and a sore throat. So I had a lovely hot bath and crawled into bed to sweat it out. Three hours later I was soaked, still sick and giving up. I think my brain told my body that I didn't have any more extreme knitting/crochet projects so it could just relax now, which means being sick.

Today I have Felix home to help with the kids, plus he's not feeling too good himself,  but apparently I'm sicker. If you need me, I'll be here on the couch casting off my Egeblad with a crochet hook.

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