Thursday, March 06, 2014

Throwback Thursday

It's been a while since I trawled through my ancient/vintage/horribly 80's patterns for you all, and with our recent cold snap here in Melbourne I thought I'd show you a highly useful pattern book.

It's my Paton's Knitting Book No. 232, which isn't even on Ravelry - can it be possible? I looked it up by both the title number and the title pattern name "Erica" and nothing came up. (Sidebar: look up "Erica" in the category of "gloves" on Ravelry. You won't regret it, but your knitting queue may grow a bit.) I do like these gloves, they're so very "calling on" gloves, aren't they? I think they'd look wonderful in a pale spring green.

"Harebell", while beautiful with the little repeats and sensible cuffs, would probably catch on everything. "Heath" look like a more sensible option, if not a tad plain. With the right yarn though...maybe something with a silver thread?

Next up are "Hyacinth" and "Holly", some very nice fair isle gloves and mittens. You know how I feel about fair isle by now, so I shan't go into extreme rhapsodies as usual.

"Primrose", despite such a prissy name, are the thermal underwear of glove patterns. Just look at the sensibleness of them: long cuffs, reverse stocking stitch, fabulous lines. If you made these in a gorgeous charcoal grey you could easily give them to a knitting-worthy man. Not Felix, though. He has Tardis mittens.

Can't have glove patterns without some plain ones. Here are "Ivy" and "Honeysuckle", the plainest of plain gloves, zhuzed up with some embroidery (is that how one spells "zhuzed"?) and "Hawthorn", the equally plain/embellished mittens.

More examples of "Ivy" and the "Hickory" hat to throw on top. I like this hat, it's fairly easy and Nordic-y.

It's even more Nordic-y on the back cover. It's also in fair isle (yay!) and once you throw in a fluffy blonde you're practically living in the fjords. No more pining.

The reason I love the old pattern books so much are the illustrations and instructions. They're usually perfectly done and the ads - oh the ads! Great fun.

Let me know if I should scan this and add it as a download - enjoy!

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