Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Organising what's next

I sat down last week to work out what I wanted to knit/finish up/start once I'd crocheted enough hearts (I still don't think I have crocheted enough. I wanted to do 1000.) for the forthcoming nuptials. So I had a look in all of my containers for what I'd started, what needed finishing, what was nowhere near finished and made a spreadsheet.

Oh, how I love spreadsheets! They make me feel so organised, even though I'm not quite there yet. (Don't look in the top drawer of my dressing table, or in the back room of the bungalow. Let me keep my delusions.) This one has only 20 projects on it, of which three are knitting. That's when I got suspicious. So I looked at my Ravelry projects page, and took a good hard look at my "In progress" section. It has 7 projects in it, only two of which are on my list. The rest are actually finished, but I've never mentioned them here as finished either.


I said I wasn't quite there yet, alright?!

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elns said...

Seriously, I love a spreadsheet as well. In fact I love lists of any kind. But please, don't ever look in any of my drawers. I'm impressed you can narrow it down so well.

I'm kind of going through a project list as well. I want to justify casting on something new as I am surrounded by the In Progress ...