Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I've lost my knitting mojo. Has anyone seen it?

I've lost it. It's gone, completely. I have no tv knitting, no audio book knitting, no stuck in a queue knitting, and - most shockingly - no desire to start a new project.

I checked down the back of the couch and my mojo wasn't there. Nor was the remote control, nor Jesus.

Please note that this mojo extends to crochet and sewing. I don't want to work on anything. I love blocking lace, it's the best part of knitting lace! I have a finished doily just begging to be blocked.


I am at a loss. Even pretty pictures of yarn aren't helping.

I got nothing.

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SapphireBlue said...

I've been in the same boat lately. I haven't knit in several weeks.