Sunday, February 17, 2008

100 posts...

w00t! I've stuck to something this long - miracles do happen, eh?

As promised, I did a yarn clean out. Bet you weren't expecting this much:

All of this has been bagged up as an extra birthday present for Lettisia. She squealed so high, dogs heard her. Really.

Here's the aerial shot:

It really is a large amount of yarn. But now I have more room for these:

Sock yarn for my mum's birthday socks. The shot makes it look murky when it isn't. It's rich and divine and I wish I could keep it for myself.

Silk/wool to make my own Juno Regina. This was a birthday present from my sisters, although I did the ordering from Dyelicious. It feels as good as it looks.

But, back to the Drunken Argyle...

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