Monday, February 18, 2008

Let me explain...

Last night I adjusted my "Works in Progress" bars (there! On the left! Look over there! LEFT!) and discovered, to my shame, that I seem to have lost control of my projects again. So let's just look at them all calmly, with very little yelling, okay?

1. Kitri Socks

Easy enough to explain. I have one finished and all I need to do is the lace top on the other. Which means I need to find my 2.75mm double points. Or at least a second 2.75mm double points. No, I'm not going to buy another pair - yet.

2. Nana's Birthday Socks

...these are the personification of guilt. I frogged the Zig Zag socks because they took too long, and now I need to buy two balls of Jo Sharp Alpaca Silk Georgette to make the Rainy Day socks again. I'll start these in the next week, honest.

3. Slacker Cardi

This was the original car knitting. Once I clean my car enough to see the back seat, it will probably become my car knitting again.

4. Drunken Dad

I'm still working on it, okay? I've got 10 bloody days so get off my back, right?!

5. Prairie Boots

I've put these in a bag behind the door until I finish some of the other projects ie Nana's socks and the vest that shall not be named.

6. B.S. Johnson

Because everyone else in the Ravelry Pratchett group is making them, and yes I would jump off the Westgate Bridge if they did.

7. Felix's Birthday Present

I'm pretty sure I can get this done in time. I'm pretty sure. I'll start panicking around the 10th, I guess.

8. Felix's Socks

I love him, but Nana's are coming first.

9. A Scarf (maybe)

It started off as a scarf, but I dislike how long scarves take, so this might be a neck-warmer style of scarf instead.

10. A Beanie for Felix

I deliberately went out and bought another ball of purple for this and what happens? The blue runs out. It can wait - we're not leaving for a while yet.

- - - - -

I told you I could explain it all. Now to work out how to excuse it all...

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Karen said...

Well, with all the explanations, that list seems perfectly reasonable now. :) I was really good about not starting new things too - but then life got stressful, and apparently that causes me to cast on. Who knew?