Friday, February 08, 2008

Finished Objects 2008 - #1

The pedicure socks were started last October 18th as a driving project to Port Macquarie, despite me being the main driver (2800km, of which I anchored 2400. I rock a bit sometimes). They've been sitting in a bag waiting to be finished and I finally knocked them off the other week. And then promptly misplaced them so that I couldn't give myself a nice pedicure after all, nor take any pictures.

Eventually they were re-found, and a copious amount spent at The Body Shop on lemongrass foot goodies. I spent far too long admiring my feet, so the next time I painted my toenails (today) I decided to take some pictures.

Voilá. Be-a-yoo-ti-ful socks. I love them.

(For anyone interested - the background tv show is "Hex", series 1, and I am happily addicted to it. One of the things that Felix and I found out we had in common was our love of this show - mainly due to me writing quotes from it all over my desk wall at work.)

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Anonymous said...

_Hex_?!? *eeeeek!*