Friday, February 15, 2008

Some thoughts

I am a pack rat of sorts. I hoard yarn, occasionally turning it over and over in my hands sobbing as I whisper to "My Precious". I keep scraps that would make an obsessive compulsive worry. But no more.

I've been trying to sort out my stash as part of the Organized Knitting Group Challenge. I've been pulling out bags and throwing things in bins and generally worrying I own too much yarn. In some ways, I do: I have leftovers from a lot of projects that I have no intention of making anything with. I did try to find things to knit with it. I trawled all over Ravelry with my brain working working overtime with "So if I replace the Cascade with the Jo Sharp and knit it striped I might have enough yarn but only if I cast on with the mohair scraps..."

No more. It's all being packed up and given away this weekend. Even the full unused balls of Jo Sharp Aran. I just can't be bothered thinking this hard anymore.

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owl knits said...

I'm impressed! I'm also in Organizing Knitting - Feb Challenge, and I'm still trying to sort through my stash, and all I seem to be doing is making a bigger mess!