Friday, February 22, 2008

The praising is very much over

As you can read in the last post, I was full of joy and happiness and love for the world for I had finished the Drunken Argyle! So I spent 1.5 hours sewing in all the ends, then I blocked the back and front and settled down to watch "Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason" on tv with Felix.

Sitting back, occasionally glancing down with pride at my months of hard work (and large periods of inactivity, true) I felt a niggling little worry in the back of my mind. it? Is the back of this thing just really big, or am I mad? I decided to lay the front over the back to check.

Nope. Not mad. My next words: "I'm just going off to the kitchen to kill myself..."

This is a disaster. I know that's a big call, what with numerous civil wars, famines, pestilences and plagues upon so many houses, but you know what? In my tiny little world, this is a disaster. I worked so hard on this, and to get to the point where it should be finished only to see something this awful happen is actually heartbreaking. Really, truly heartbreaking. I'm still so stunned I can't even cry yet.

Sorry Da. I'll try and fix it before Thursday. It's only a two inch gap, after all.

(See? Even in the midst of a disaster, I still have my insanity.)


owl knits said...

Oh dear! I hope you aren't too overwhlemed. What are you going to do to fix it, besides taking a good, stiff drink?

Anonymous said...

"Is the back of this thing just really big, or am I mad?" Hm, well, there is such thing as an inclusive disjunction, where yes, both. (Gentleman, please note: the question is a variant of the "Does my x look y in this z?" construction. Beware.)

That said, your light insanity is one of your seven most endearing qualities. Knit on!