Thursday, April 10, 2008

Finished Objects - #7

I love Victoriana. Gimme a great corset, a Psyche knot and ether for childbirth and I'd be set. In keeping with these ideas, I present my stockings.

They're just lovely (please note an extreme bias here). Being modeled by Martine, my latest acquisition, they really do look great.

The eyelet effect up the back of the calf is an effective feature, and as it's a four row pattern repeat, very easy to create.

I changed the heel from a flap to short row shaping, as I'd been working one on the Kitri socks and found it soooooo much neater. Recently, I've discovered I'm not as bad at heel flaps as I thought, so there may be more of them in the future.

The lace pattern at the top wasn't my style so I used a different one. I like it better.

The best part? They stay up all on their own. Although, maybe I could weave some velvet ribbon through the eyelets? Hrm....

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Bex said...

Tre Cute!