Monday, April 21, 2008

Let me introduce Felix...

Gentle readers, this is Felix (and a vile hussy named Lily).

For those who have never met him he's about 6'1", strawberry blonde hair (now a lot shorter) with a Celtic red goatee/moustache combination, very green eyes with an eyebrow piercing to draw the eye, lanky body and a set of black Cons with green and orange laces. He's also been my husband now for one year and one day.

Why Felix? Let's see...

1. He doesn't mind that I've been knitting him his fourth pair of socks since last September, and haven't touched them since.

2. He doesn't think I have enough yarn.

3. He once handed over his credit card to me knowing there was a bin of $1 wool in front of me.

4. He'll sit there, like this,

for an episode of "Family Guy" and one of "American Dad" because he knows how much I wanted to wind off the skein of lace-weight.

5. He doesn't mind me knitting during movies, either at home or out in public. Actually, he encourages it - I suspect he wants all the popcorn to himself.

6. He married me one month after I shaved my hair for charity, and didn't tell me that the only reason my veil stayed on was due to my crew cut sticking up through the holes in the tulle for a whole three weeks.

Then he casually dropped it into conversation while we were surrounded by other people as a protection unit. Clever...

Love you, babe. *mwah*


Karen said...

He's a keeper! An absolute prince. Happy Anniversary.

Bells said...

Felix is a dude. No questions asked.

Sam said...

This post was necessary because... the unwary reader may have otherwise suspected the oft-mentioned Felix was a cat?

Andrea said...

The reason for the post is most likely this sentence:

He's also been my husband now for one year and one day.

I just wanted something to celebrate our anniversary, so nur!

(Btw, one of the cattery customer asked me if I married my husband because his name was Felix and I work in a cattery.

"No, for the money" was my reply...