Friday, April 11, 2008

Little box of happiness

I lost my Amazon virginity today. I placed my order on March 30th and my order arrived today, a good three weeks earlier than they estimated.

I was hysterically giggling with joy and I grabbed the box and headed off to work for an afternoon of drooling.

So....what'd I buy?

"Hand Knit Holidays". It costs $58.95 in Borders and I've wanted it for a very long time.

The impetus for the intial order. US$5.50 - or AUS$48.95 at Dymocks. Hrm, let me think about it...

Can't find it anywhere (except for Judith's house) so I bought it.

All up? US$52.32. In Oz money it came to $56.88 (at payment time).

So I saved about $90.

*runs away, clutching her new books ands giggling hysterically*


Belinda said...

Hi! I discovered your blog off's great.

Have you tried Free shipping worldwide- they're fabulous.

Karen said...

Oh the wonder that is Amazon!! I have two of the three books you ordered (don't have Son of a SnB) and I know you are going to love them!