Monday, April 14, 2008

Finished Objects - #8

Sometimes I take my knitting for granted, because I've been knitting for a fairly long time (this March saw in my 29th year as a knitter). I assume that everyone knows how easy it can be, how fun, that anyone complaining about "difficult" or "challenging" just wasn't trying hard enough.

Then I made the Kitri Socks.

They were "challenging". They opened my eyes to new possibilities in knitting and I love them for it. I'd never turned a entirely short-row heel until I made the Kitri Socks. I'd never added on lace sideways until I made the Kitri Socks.

I love how they opened my eyes to the challenge that knitting can be. They're beautiful, difficult and I have come this close to framing them.

demanded to see them yesterday and when she was holding them she turned to Felix and asked "How can you not bow down and worship her when she does something like this?!" and the reply was perfect: "Because I know what she went through making them."

Thanks babe.

You can make these socks. They are a challenge that you will want to accept, and Lisa Grossman's instructions are brilliant - concise, witty, simplified (for the simple in all of us) and above all clear.

Thanks for a great pattern Lisa - you rock. Now for the shawl! Oh, you vile temptress!

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