Sunday, April 27, 2008

Finished Objects - #9

A lovely quick knit finished for a request for my mum, the Rosy Cosy.

This was a pretty quick easy knit, a basic rib piece, with an amazing pattern from The Cabled Guy. The specs were "a little tea cosy for a one-cup teapot, and Auntie Wendy's kitchen is pink and grey". Luckily one of my balls of Sean Sheep Armytage fitted the specs (ball No.7, to be exact) and I had some leftover Zara in pink for the rose on top.

The rose was hard. Really hard. It was worth it, because even my mum thought it was great.

No idea if Auntie Wendy liked it. I'll find out later. But at least I'm happy :)

(A massive thank you to my sister Bronwyn for taking the pics for me - you rock!)

1 comment:

Karen said...

Oh wow, that is so cute!!! I know your Aunt Wendy will love it. I had no idea knitting flowers would be hard, but it really does make the whole project complete. It looks so pretty on the top there. :)