Monday, August 17, 2009

Finished Objects 2009 - #10

It appears that the only way the outside world will know what I'm knitting is if I keep up a post a day routine. Let's see how long I can last... (I give me until tomorrow)

I swear if I was more tired, I'd be asleep. As it is, I have a scant six weeks until Boitjie's arrival, and he's making his present felt via exhausting his mother, copious heartburn and trying to break out via the side using his feet as the means of escape.

Luckily, I plan to forgive him and cloth him in knitting, such as these green booties. I used the last of my Shiloh Silky 8ply that I used on my Kingsford Smith hat.

The pattern is Ruth's Perfect Baby Booties, and it's a pretty easy pattern with nice shaping, and in my case the opportunity to learn grafting garter stitch - pretty much the same as grafting stocking stitch but just repeat the front at the back ie purl, then knit for each stitch.

Are newborn feet this big? I mean really?!? Should I start panicking now???

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dogquilter said...

very cute booties!!