Friday, August 21, 2009

Finished Objects 2009 - #11

It is impossible to hold this and not giggle.

My dodecaheeeeeeeeeeedron.

Felix's first question (once he ceased squishing it and giggling) was "So when are you making one for the baby?". I think I need to make one in green and orange for the daddy before the Boitjie gets to play with this one!

I'm now wondering...should I knit a soccer ball? Just because I can?

In alpaca-y news, I'm doing okay with my 4ply. I decided against doubling it up because it's a pretty small amount, and what I have left over I want to use for more baby stuff. Possibly Saatje's Booties for a small project, or even half of a second hat.


Bells said...

oh that is just too freaking cool. Good job! I recognise the yarn too.

sapphireblue said...

That's adorable. This is also in my knitting queue.