Monday, August 24, 2009

Finished Objects 2009 - #12 and #13

Looks like it's hat season again...

First up we have an old project - knitted up in two days in July.

The pattern is by Debbie Bliss, and it was FAST. Two row stripes that slowly decrease was pretty much guaranteed to be speedy, but I was actually surprised that I finished it so quickly. Felix has a mini-fetish for stripes, especially purple ones, and I'm always happy to indulge his knitting wishes. Still a bit iffy on the idea of a knitted nappy cover with the Watchmen symbol on it, though...

I think the pompom just makes it.

Second, we have my alpaca chullo.

It's not a real chullo, but I thought earflaps were a good idea for the Boitjie during a Melbourne spring.

I just had to knit alpacas into the hat in fair isle, and they look okayish, but not quite as uber-awesome as I had hoped.

Before you all start feeling sorry for George, just remember: he was hand-fed lolly bananas from the time I was 4 until now. He's been spoiled enough.

I thought that Lolli might wish to assist in the steaming of the hat, but the look of contempt says it all, really.

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