Saturday, August 29, 2009


I have oooooooodles of spare time on my hands. I have a loving husband who drives me around so that I can knit when we travel (I have to pay close attention because he's still on L-plates, mind). I have a beautiful stash basket next to the couch, so I can reach in grab my current project while I watch endless hours of BBC Drama dvds on tv. I have pretty much everything except one thing:

Energy. I went back to bed at 8:30am yesterday and got up at 2:00pm. Got up this morning at 7:00am, went back to bed at 10:00am, got out of bed at 6:00pm.

I'm too tired to knit, let alone housework. I have four weeks until my due date and all I can think is "COME EARLY! I NEED TO KNIT, DAMMIT!!!"


Sonia said...

The countdown is on! (Not that I would know) but apparently the first 6 weeks are hellish… please keep us updated!

Leonie said...

Go for a walk every day, just 5 minutes if it's all you can manage, keep those muscles moving or those first couple of weeks will be harder to cope with. Also once you get moving you feel better, honest you do, it's weird how expending energy gives you more energy. The fitter you are the easier recovery is, and you will need to recover whether baby comes as expected or as someone recently described it "through the sunroof".