Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm exhausted again, not that it's surprising in my state. My mum took me off to Big W for a large amount of baby item shopping, the most expensive of which was a car seat which I apparently need to have professionally fitted. *grumblestupidlawsmessingupeverythinggrumble*

On the knitting front, despite my best intentions, I still have no idea where it's all going to go. Current thought revolves around ebay, because I have yarn that I'm never going to knit up, no matter what, and I need the space these days.

On the actual knitting front I have been a tad busy. My next few days will be taken up by the following:

1. Finishing off my Transformers cardigan - sewing in ends and steaming intarsia/fair isle into submission.
2. Stuffing and knitting the final point in my dodecaheeeeeeedron (I love saying that word).
3. Start my alpaca chullo.
4. Block my Alphabet Blanket because my mum set aside the entirety of her spare room for me to do so.

Then, there's still more. I have a list that tells me what I need to finish off (my green BSJ, my stripey cardigan) and what I still need to knit for the Boitjie (baby sling, nappy covers).

As I keep pointing out it's a really good thing I'm unemployed and have intention of getting up off the couch, isn't it?

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Sonia said...

Good luck with your knitting goals, I never seem to make mine; but you my love, have a real deadline!

Who'd have thought you need a baby car-seat professionally fitted? Have the laws created a whole new trade?! 'Hi my name is Jim, I fit baby car-seats for a living' … bizarre.