Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pic free day, but lots of talking...

Felix is downloading updates so everything is moving at a pace that would be truly envious of a snail. I know this post will take five minutes to go up on it's own without photos at our current speed, so I'm leaving well enough alone.

Instead I'm spending the afternoon knitting away on my couch, interspersed with various housework-y jobs, such as re-arranging my entire craft area to fit all of my books in. My dad has been very slowly dropping round boxes of books we stored when we moved last year - I say slowly, because he knows what I'm like with books: open box, exclaim "Oh, I haven't read this in ages!", open book, start reading, wander into kitchen and make a cup of tea, settle in for the afternoon.

My craft books are kind of scary. I have the needlework books and magazines, which includes a three year "Inspirations" subscription. I have the weaving (my diploma major) books and magazines, some of which are pretty rare. I have the knitting section, which has Interweave Knits, Knit1, Vogue Knitting, Yarn and Creative Knitting (the early ones, which had slightly more original patterns in them) as only some of the magazines. The knitting book section grows depending on the Amazon sale at the time. I bought "Knit 2 Together", "Handknit Holidays" and "The Knitters Almanac" for the same price as "Handknit Holidays" cost in Borders and they arrived in 8 working days. Why would you shop elsewhere?

Anyway... I'm somewhat short of room, as my favourite old stash cupboard has been stolen for the use of the Boitjie and he seems to have an awful lot of stuff already. Clothes, soft toys (mostly my old ones!), knitwear, it all adds up. So I moved all of my knitting stash, two very overstuffed plastic storage boxes, into our lounge and dumped them in the open shelving in the corner. There they stay, along with my embroidery supplies, weaving supplies, miscellaneous craft thingies (don't look at me like that, I know you have them too!) and all of my knitting books.

My problem is that the entire top shelf is knitting baskets, bags and storage containers containing either unfinished objects or loose stash (in one case nothing but baby yarns for the knitting) that I need to store elsewhere, which I can't because our flat is short on storage spots (it has none) and I can't work out what to move to where because I fear The Unborn One is robbing me of common sense along with my eyesight.

End result: tonight I plan to utilise the brain power of my beloved Felix to work out a solution and help me move things while I direct from the couch. Here's hoping it works...

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Lynne S of Oz said...

Oh yes, the old problem of where the hell do I put all this STUFF! Our place is jam packed too. It only has two good sized closets, one is full of mostly my fleece and spinning stuff and a bit of yarn, the other is packed with our clothes. Then we have two bookshelves and two big wire shelves and then there is all the stuff on the floor (mostly in bags and tubs).... (Home was worse - no built in wardrobes at all!)