Monday, May 27, 2013

Faffing about

I'm at a bit of a loose end here. I want to get everything finished,  but I keep starting new projects, without finishing the old ones. The curse of the modern knitter, I think.

You see,  in Ye Olde Days of knitting you made clothing to wear, and you worked on one piece at a time.  Now, we get easily distracted by whatever new project everyone else is starting on Ravelry, or something we've seen on Pinterest, and then it's all "Oooo, look shiny things!"

So until I finish at least five projects I'm banning myself from the internet, with exceptions.:

1. This blog. Dur.
2. Ravelry, but only my own projects page.
3. Pinterest, but only my likes so I can clear them out (I use my likes as a springboard to becoming pins.  I'm fussy that way.).
4. Gmail.
5. Anything to do with work.

That's it. No The Age, no Metapicture,  definitely no Facebook.

Double dare you to try it.

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