Wednesday, May 29, 2013

High functioning sociopath

Being a huge fan of the BBC series "Sherlock" I fell a bit hard for the 221B beanie on Knitty. The wallpaper from the lounge room, complete with smiley face (minus the bullet holes)? Gimme.

I've been a Sherlock Holmes fan ever since I was in primary school. My parents let me stay up and watch the Jeremy Brett series, and they took me along to the "Holmes Away From Home" exhibition in 1986. Eventually I made it to Baker Street and met up with staff at the museum who were even more fanatical than I am, and I own The Good Old Index!

When I heard about the new series I was giddy with joy. Steven Moffat writing? It'll be brilliant, I thought. Not even close to describing how much fun this show is. One of the best moments is near the end, where the mystery of the moving bullet is finally explained, which is also the first thing my friend Jon mentioned when he called me up during the closing credits. We were cacking ourselves and talking over the top of each other: "Oh, and what about that bit when-" "Oh that was brilliant! Did you get that bit-" "I know! But that's from-" "Well, yeah, but what about-" "Yes! That was amazing!".

(If you think this is bad, you should see us when a new Pratchett comes out. We communicate solely in sign language and squeaks of joy.)

So I made my beautiful beanie and I embroidered on my smiley face yesterday. If you cut a perfect circle out of label paper and use it as a guide, it helps a lot. As I mentioned before, the beanie is too long for my freakishly huge head so I'm passing it along to Jon, whose head is even freakisher.

Enjoy it Jon. I'm looking forward to our conversation after episode one of season three. In the meantime, no Reichenbach theory is too crazy to be contemplated.

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