Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Unlucky numbers

13.  I have thirteen unfinished projects floating around, mostly in a hidden corner of my lounge room.

Holy heckmonkeys, I don't think I've ever been this bad. So what do we say to the Knitting God of Death? Not today. Knitting triage time!

I had a check of how much I had left to do on each project, what needs to be purchased (for some of them) and made a spreadsheet to sort it all out. Nothing like messing around in Excel to make you feel like you're really accomplishing something.

1. Sherlock beanie (221b): I only started this ten days ago and it's done, except I need to embroider on my smiley face. It's a bit big for my head too. I may need to make another one in 10ply instead of 12. If only I knew who to give the first one to... Status: 95%

2. Radiant: I may or may not have stuffed up the sewing up of this jumper. It's now a Mobious jumper, so I need to open up the seam again and untwist and resew. It's cotton. This is going to be a nightmare. Status: 95%

3. Doorstop: I need a brick and an hour to sew this up. I'm currently lacking a brick. Status: 95%

4. Jade's purple gloves: a project for someone else that needs some tweaking, followed by a three needle cast off. I need about an hour to nut the mistake out and finish it up. Status: 90%

5. Cat draught stopper: the back of this project has to be made up with a zip, and I need to make up a cushion center but I have some lovely rocks to stuff down the bottom to give it enough weight to both stop the wind pushing it over and Dorothy dragging it around (I'll need the full 20kg bag of rocks to stop the latter). Status: 80%

6. Duck tapestry: I needed some blue for the sky. I have blue for the sky now. Should take about two or three hours to finish off. Status: 70%

7. Doctor Who mittens: I'm about a third of the way through the second mitten. The problem is that it's fair isle. I ADORE fair isle, but you can't watch anything but the knitting, and I can't even listen to my books because I'm counting numbers. I'll have to fire up some Cantigas and knit for a few solid hours. About five, more than likely. Status: 65%

8. Marcus' green jumper: This is ridiculous. I started this on Australia Day! Get knitting woman! Status: 60%

9. Marcus' orange jumper: I need more wool for this, so until it comes in I can't do a thing. Status: 60%

10. Marcus' blanket: Only just past halfway, this will need about another 100 hours. I plan to finish it before August. Maybe. Status: 95%

11. Egeblad doily: I found it! Now I need to actually work on it! Another Cantigas knit, or maybe some Enya? Status: 50%

12. BFF cowl: I'm knitting this with Chantal, so I need to hurry it along (she's kicking my backside at the moment). Maybe as soon as I finish Marcus' green jumper, so I can use the 4.5mm needles? Status: 20%

13. Marcus' new jacket: Oops. I started a new project on Sunday. Morris is having a 20% off sale! I had to buy yarn! Status: 5%.

The plan is to finish up the easiest ones first, and my carry-around knitting will be the project that is easiest and almost finished. Green jumper it is!

I'm coping without the internet by the way. Has anyone else decided to join in?

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